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AccessToken : STRING

The LOGIN returns a JSON with several information. The most important one AccessToken.

AccessToken works like a session ID. For any subsequent call to the REST server you need to pass Accesstoken as a parameter.

Example: https://<server>/rest/Picklist/GetNextPicklist?AccessToken=“GHFDT-G6RT7-KI79R“
Example: https://<server>/rest/Picklist/CheckPlaceBarcode?AccessToken=“GHFDT-G6RT7-KI79R“&Barcode="XY1234567"&BarcodeType="EAN13"

If the REST call requires a token and you do not pass a token, you will get:
Error 101    REST_ERROR_MISSING_PARAMETER                Not all required parameters have been passed

Any REST call without a valid AccessToken will give you:
Error 270  SL_ERROR_NO_LOGIN  No valid database session for the AccessToken)

You can check out the complete list of error codes here.